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Online Branding/Promotions, Event Production, Talent Booking and Marketing Manager (October 2008 – present) Establishing promotional/sponsorship relationships, fundraising and sponsorship managerment, programming events, developing campaigns for offline promotions, pitching and developing content strategy and marketing, talent booking and online/ new media education and consulting

We Fancy Events, Brands Partnerships and Clients – Baruch College (Web Consultant), Diet Directives (New Media Branding Consultant), Ladies Love NYC (Founder, Event and Marketing Director), Revive Da Live (Talent Booker and Marketing Director), Brooklyn Celebrates Spike Lee (Volunteer Director and Event Producer)

Events – Ladies Love Dilla (February 2009 /Deity), Ladies Love The Breaks (June 2009 /Southpaw), Ladies Love Monthly (May and June 2009/ Sputnik), Appreciation (March 13th /Sutra) , Friends We Love Fundraiser Event (February 2009 /Sly Art Loft), Revive Da Live – Hip Hop 1942 w/ Phonte and John Robinson (March 2009/ Le Pouison Rouge), Hip Hop 1953 w/ J-Live, Akrobatik, Pete Rock, Eagle Nebula, and Stimulus (April 2009 / Le Pousion Rouge)


We Fancy Agency


Marketing, Event Production